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Unique life experiences

We specialise in offering once in a lifetime experiences that will create lasting memories.

Personalised trips

Travel is different for everyone. We want to make sure that you are getting the most from your trip by crafting the dream vacation that is perfect for you.

Incredible detail and service

In the event something does come up. Our team is here to help make sure your trip is not interrupted.

Nothing off limits


From flights, accommodation, tours, insurance, cruises to a customised marriage proposal to a VIP helicopter tour or even a private yacht we can make your dream perfect for you.

Customised and VIP packages


From private luxury yachts to luxury vehicles.  First class service without the price-tag!.

sports and events



We can help you arrange a wedding, Honeymoon and even your pre-wedding and bachelorette /bachelor party  anywhere in the world.  

Sports and Tours


 All your sporting events around the world.  We will arrange your travel and your VIP tickets to any sporting event. 



We arrange all types of events from Corporate End of year party to product launch., Conferences, meetings, team bonding getaways and so much more.